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Freeze-Dried Apples (Fuji)


Freeze Dried Apples (Fuji)

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Freeze-Dried Fuji Apples (Manzana) (fruit/frutas)
1.5 oz. Approx. 1 & 1/2 Fuji Apples in each package.

Our freeze-dried Fuji Apples are grown locally by Soergel Orchards Farm located just north of Pittsburgh in Wexford, PA.  This variety of apple is sweet with a hint of tartness and only available in late October thru November.  Get them while we have stock available because once we run out, they won’t be back until next fall.

We leave them in whole 1/8th sized pieces which are perfect for snacking or cut them up to add in baked goods. Blend them up into your favorite smoothy or add some water to create your own fresh baby food.  They are pure apple taste with a “Styrofoam” like consistency, so they aren’t hard and brittle like dehydrated apples.   And as with all of our freeze-dried fruit nothing has been added and no sugars or other chemicals are used in processing.  100% Fuji Apples are the only ingredient!

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Freeze dried fruit is a great alternative for healthy snacking and since it doesn’t need refrigerated it is perfect for on-the-go with family or out camping with friends.  Toss them in any day-bag worry free because they will no longer bruise or go bad!

More nutritional than canned fruit and with a longer shelf life than similar dehydrated products we know you’ll love our fruit!!!  We also recommend that you try cooking and baking with them as an alternative to using frozen fruit.

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Weight 1.5 oz
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2 Small Apples


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