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Check out our reviews on JerkyIngredients.com… We received 10 out of 10 taste rating for our Exxxtra Hot Recipe. Our Original Recipe also received a 9/10 with one of the 3 reviewers pushing for a 10!!! Spoiler… this recipe does have some heat to it.

These guys and gals have been reviewing jerky for over 8 years now. With over 900 published reviews and over 1,500 bags of jerky opened we just had to have them give our product a try. They do it right and provide each submission with a full, un-biased review. We got some great feedback from them and are continuing to update our product to meet customer expectations.

It would be criminal not to award an Excellent (10/10) taste rating.

Mark J. – JerkyIngredients.com

This flavor of jerky is out-of-this-world scrumptious… It hits it out of the park, a true tape-measure drive to deep center field, over the fence, and beyond the highway.

Paul R. – JerkyIngredients.com

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