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As we discussed on the #Recipe page we use a blend of hot sauces because we were looking to provide a light, but tasteful heat signature to our Original Recipe. One of the hot sauces we selected was from our friends at Hilton Head’s Island Winery. We recommend that you check them out either online or at their tasting center in Hilton Head, NC. Make sure you tell Georgene that Mike from EF Jerky sent you! I’d never steer you wrong when it comes to wine, hot sauce or… beef jerky!

The Problem…

We wanted to find just the right hot sauce for our marinade, but weren’t satisfied with the mass market hot sauces. We also wanted to make sure that we worked with quality U.S. based farmers for the peppers used in our sauce blend. The last concern was keeping our recipe consistent while we continue to grow our sales.

The Solution…

Island Winery to the rescue! On a trip to Hilton Head we visited Island Winery for what else… Wine! But we discovered that they also made their own hot sauce so we just had to try it. Boom! The sherry flavor notes were screaming this needs to be in our jerky. After trying it in a few different batches we ultimately ended up mixing it with another of America’s favorite hot sauces and we had our signature blend. After a few discussions they ended up agreeing to supply us with a larger bottle size and preferred service to make sure we had enough stock so we were set!

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